Bharat full movie download utorrent


Bharat full movie download

  • Movie : Bharat
  • Genre: Action, Thriller
  • Duration: 1H 56Min
  • Release Date: 5th of June, 2019
  • Language: Hindi
  • Source: PreDvDRip
  • Starcast:Salman Khan,Katrina Kaif,Disha Patani,Kashmira Irani

Bharat full movie Review

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s movie India Today has been released all over the country. Fans are giving their feedback on social media after watching this movie. Let us tell you that this movie India has been in great discussion since its shoot. Salman Khan’s drama film ‘India’ is being told based on ‘South Korean Mello Drama’, Ode to My Father. The film is full of many emotions from beginning to end. The main theme of the film’s story is on the India-Pakistan Partition.


  • The journey of India (Salman Khan) begins with this dialogue, “Whichever white hair is in my head and beard, my life is more colorful than that.” 70-year-old India fighting with good people to sell their shops because they have their feelings attached to that shop and some stories.
  • To tell this story, the film takes us back almost 60 years. At the beginning of the film, first comes from Real Life, but the story is from Flashback Story. The beginning of the first part of the film begins with the flashback of the story of India (Salman Khan), father (Jackie Shroff), from 1947.
  • During the split, he is separated from the father and his younger sister. But before the split, India pledges to her father that unless her father returns, she will take care of her mother (Sonali Kulkarni), her younger sister and younger brother. Now India fulfills the promise made to her father and takes responsibility for the family.
  • To keep his family alive, India joins a circus company where she meets with Radha (Direction Patani).
  • “India” has shown time from 1947 to 2010. During this time, India does jobs in many different ways. Once among all these, India meets Kumud (Katrina Kaif), who comes in the form of a strong open-minded character.
  • Kumud gives a job to India. Meanwhile, Mukund falls in love with India. But India refuses to marry the beautiful woman to fulfill her duty. In such a situation, Katrina does not accept defeat and she goes to live in Salman’s house. During this time Salman-Katrina’s chemistry is seen in the film.
  • After the entry of Kumud, will India find its dying father and younger sister? Will India be able to fulfill the promises made to her father after falling in love with Kumud? This spence and emotion of the movie moves forward to the film. You will have to go to the cinema to know whether India and her father’s reunion happened again.

Bharat full movie download



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